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About Us

Bio Equipment Chemical  Forbio Korea co. ltd.

Beginning 2007 with the opening of manufacturing and wholesale company, Forbio Korea co. ltd. has always focused on innovation toward the best bio industry in korea. Currently, we are developing the technology for producing valuable chemicals and protein drugs by microbial and biochemical synthesis and also manufacturing laboratory reagents and equipments.

Recently, we are focused on licensing out our outstanding technologies that developed through many government research projects to domestic and overseas companies. As well, we are building BLE brand for laboratory equipments developed by ourselves since 2015.

Forbio Korea co. ltd. has been researching for developing drugs and functional materials with the our competent master and Ph.D researchers since we established research institution in company. In addition, we have been playing a role in contributing to an improvement of domestic industrial technology by introducing excellent domestic and foreign products to Korea.

We will do our best to be the best technology-led company and move forward without resting. Thank you for your interest and encouragement.