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DR-WS (Dementia)

Alzheimer Disease (AD) is known as the most common form of dementia and a disease that causes memory, thinking and behavioral problems. While people with relatively high age was appeared to onset a high rate of AD in the process of entering an aging society, unfortunately the underlying cure for AD have not been found yet.

Recently, many research groups showed a variety of evidences that AD has a close relationship with obesity and diabetes. Through the drug reposition related to obesity and diabetes, they are focusing on finding new application to AD therapy. However, the efficient delivery into the brain through BBB still remain a challenge in developing AD drug.

For this, we are verifying the possibility of curing AD by the existing approved medicines through machine learning and then confirming the efficiency of transcytosis mediated by HB-EGF present in cerebral blood vessels using CRM197 conjugated nano-liposomes containing the screened drugs.

Development progress : DR-WS

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