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SMART cancer drug

SMART anti-cancer drug is an immune liposomal RNA drug that selectively binds the cancer-specific antigen, and inhibits cancer cell nucleic acid metabolism and the entry into the S-phase inside cancer cells. In this technology, two distinctive features are “cancer specific target” with effectiveness even in cancer microenvironment, and “mRNA drug” for induction of wrecked salvage pathway.

SMART anti-cancer drug can be classified as a fourth-generation anti-cancer drug with outstanding properties that it can mainly act on the growing replicative cancer cells.

SMART anti-cancer drug is composed of a nano-sized liposome, a CD47 binder with high affinity, and an mRNAs combinatorial drug capable of decreasing DNA precursor in a cell. Its therapy can induce apoptosis or arrest in S-phase by reducing the efficiency of nucleotides supply in cancer cells.