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In the case of glioblastomas, it was difficult to simultaneously increase the blood brain barrier (BBB) passage efficiency and the selective accessibility of cancer cells after passing using any delivering technology known to date. In order to overcome this challenge, we developed an innovative drug delivery format toward brain cancer cells. As shown in schematic figure, the CRM-bound nano liposome containing CPA-T (ACD-BN), is capable of binding to HB-EGF in the blood vessels and increasing the efficiency of transcytosis. After then, the delivered CPA-T effectively can bind to CD47 on the surface of brain tumors.

The CPA-T drug consists of apoptin core and mRNA-containing shell, CD47-binder, which selectively binds surface CD47 and then undergoes endosomal escape inside the cell to induce nucleic acid metabolism inhibition and apoptosis.

Development progress : ACD-BN

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